Monday, May 11, 2009

Will the cap break?

* Gorgeous Enid, OK is home for the evening as we have the pleasure of staying in the same hotel for two nights in the row. Tomorrow we'll be watching attentively whether or not the cap can break. Several parameters suggest that if a storm can form across western Oklahoma or Kansas, they'll quickly become severe supercells. However, there is very warm air near 700mb that will limit storm development for much of the day. If storms go, we'll be in luck. But there is just as good a chance that they atmosphere stays capped and we'll be left with a sunburn and hopes for a good day on Wednesday in Central/Eastern Oklahoma.

* Today we had a nice drive from McPherson to Enid including stops at a Target and Taco Bueno (Good Taco) in Hutchinson, a post office in a town in Kansas that apparently takes lunch until 1:15, a drive through Greensburg, KS (a somber reminder of the dangers of tornadoes), and a scenic drive down to Enid. See pic below!

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