Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 15 Storms

The team left Ponca City, OK heading north into Southeast Kansas in the hopes of getting lucky again on a high instability low shear day. The first storms initialized in Northeast, KS and more quickly grew down the cold front into north-central, OK. We jumped on a storm just north of a break in the line. As we approached the storm reports of tennis-ball sized hail began coming in. We intercepted the storm approx. 4 miles west of Andale, KS. The radar indicated moderate mid-level rotation but the ragged nature of the base of the rotating updraft precluded us from seeing any meaningful signs of an impeding tornado. While none of the storms in Kansas produced a tornado the structure was nice to see.

We are heading into an atmospheric lull so the team will make its way west toward the Rockies. Check back for some different type of nature pics in the coming days.....

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