Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 4 - 5 Recap and Photos

Day 4 took us to Childress, TX where we intercepted multicell and supercell thunderstorms. The first storm of the day was just northwest of Childress and provided some picturesque views of developing updrafts. We left that storm and chased a dieing supercell in far western Oklahoma. After a dinner stop at Pizza Hut (with terrible service), we jumped on another storm that was just a few miles north and east of Childress and followed that for 3o miles and intercepted some hail east of Childress.

Day 5 started out with a journey to Palo Duro Canyon and then out west to Cuervo, NM where we intercepted multicell storms. Eventually, one storm became dominate and began showing signs of broad rotation. This storm was beautiful as we were able to view it from the top of a mesa roughly 5200 ft above sea level. The last two days have been fantastic and we hope you'll enjoy some of the photos below.

The next two days will be active in the Texas panhandle and western Oklahoma.

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