Monday, April 27, 2009

Preparing for The Chase

* Thank you for checking out the official MSU Storm Chase Blog. We have begun preparations for the 2009 version which will begin either May 7th or May 8th, depending on the pattern. As part of our preparations, we'll be getting our van serviced, updating equipment, and outfitting the van with the equipment we'll need to have a successful chase.

* Our van will be outfitted with Baron Mobile ThreatNet radar which uses XM Radio satellites to bring in the data. Our main source of radar, however, will come using Sprint wireless internet cards to access radar data displayed on GR Level 3 software. We will also have a scanner/weather radio and CB Radio to communicate information.

* This years chase will be lead by Dr. Mike Brown and Renny Vandewege and will include 8 students.

* Once the chase begins, be sure to check back for forecast discussions, recaps, non-chase day information, and of course, pictures!

-Mike and Renny

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